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At you are presented with a complete array of moving services to choose from based on your budget, your schedule and your desire to use muscles that you probably seldom use (in other words think about picking up everything in your home, and I mean everything, in one day and carrying it at least 50 feet and putting it down and moving it around and wrapping it in protective pads and often times lifting it over your waist or over your head … everything; oh by the way, if you decide to use a rental truck instead of our services, when you are done with that you get to drive 300 to 500 miles a day over the next 1 to 4 days in a well-broken-in vehicle (I’d clean-wipe that steering wheel before I touched it if I were you) that probably won’t go faster than 60 mph and will never pass a vehicle on the straightaway, let alone a hill/mountain, and when you finally reach your destination you get the pleasure of the everything workout again).

As I was saying … or narrating actually …with My Move Options (MyMO) you choose from different moving service options to build the move that is right for you. At MyMO you always receive the assistance of a professional mover regardless of the size of your move. You also get to (within reason, including safety rules) choose the load date and delivery date for your move … notice that “date” is singular and not plural indicating a huge spread of days like other moving services you might find on the web. Speaking of move packages, at MyMO you build your own move based on what is important to you, ordering as much or as little material and labor as you desire; we then present you with a price and service comparison of two move options:

  • Pro-DITY -- you pack the boxes; you load the shipping containers (with professional assistance); we (using FedEx and local AMSA ProMovers) transport the shipping containers to your destination residence; you unload the shipping containers (with professional assistance) and unpack your boxes at your leisure;
  • Van Line Comparison – this is a full service move estimate, utilizing the same information for your Pro-DITY move to estimate a comparison. We suggest you contact M.O.M. if you desire a more accurate quote please contact M.O.M.

You then choose between four PACKING SERVICES options, from you doing it all (including supplying the boxes) to us doing it all. The other services available to add to the Move Package you choose are: VEHICLE MOVES, storage, unpacking, special moving services (disassembly, crating, electronic installation, etc.), and Expense Tracking reporting. We will also be happy to service your Global Moving and Commercial Moving and Storage needs with our Pro-Dity service.

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Need real live assistance NOW? … While ordering? … During your move? As a Pro-DITY customer you get your own personal Move Options Manager to guide you through your move. You can always count on M.O.M. to help you when you need it.
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